Henry Baba Osageyfo Colby

returned home from Vietnam determined to be his own person, to work for himself and put himself in a position to help uplift and empower African people. The former Philadelphia resident used to hang out on 52nd and Market Streets and was drawn to the vendors and jewelers making and selling their wares on the sidewalk. By interacting with them and sharing ideas, techniques, and expertise, he developed his skills as a master silversmith who now has clients the likes of Actors Wesley Snipes, Irma P. Hall and Keith David.

Currently residing in Stone Mountain GA, he and two other artists formed an artistic collaboration that they call The Timbuktu Art Colony which is described by Colby as “a symbiotic system of cooperative economics and sharing information through art.” Colby and his partners have purchased and are in the process of refurbishing a bookmobile and converting it into a mobile art gallery that will tour throughout the country.